Foods to avoid high cholesterol | Foods to Avoid High Cholesterol: Apples

Foods to Avoid High Cholesterol: Apples

There are many foods to avoid high cholesterol and one of them are apples.

Several scientific studies have shown that apples can lower cholesterol and thus also the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Apples contain fiber and other bioactive components that can perform the cholesterol lowering effect – it makes apples to a natural diet choices.

Foods to avoid high cholesterol : Apples

Foods to avoid high cholesterol Apples

Eating apples have many beneficial health effects. Apples not only taste good, they also contain special ingredients to help maintain good health. The English proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is now scientifically confirmed. Studies worldwide have shown that apples and apple products can help to lower cholesterol – and thus lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

We all know that fruit and vegetables is healthy, but especially apples have proved to be healthy. A grant of apples in numerous experiments on animals proved to cause a marked decrease in cholesterol, including a decline in the “bad cholesterol” (LDL).

The special thing about apples is that they have a high content of insoluble fiber, especially pectin, and the bioactive components called polyphenols. Through several experiments have found that pectin has the ability to lower cholesterol, while polyphenols act as antioxidants that can combat the harmful effects of “bad cholesterol” (LDL). Precisely the combination of pectin and polyphenols have been shown to have a particularly beneficial effect in relation to lowering cholesterol and protecting against cardiovascular disease.

To achieve the full health benefit of apples should be eating 2-3 apples every day.

- Apples are rich in pectin, a special type of fiber, which effectively lowers cholesterol.

- Apples have a high content of other cholesterol-lowering ingredient, which has a health protective effect.

- The bioactive components (polyphenols) act as antioxidants and may therefore help to combat the adverse effects caused by “bad cholesterol” (LDL).

- Apples contain no fat, cholesterol or salt.

- Apples in whatever form, can help protect against cardiovascular disease.

- Apples are an easy way to reach “6-of-days” – the recommendations for intake of fruits and vegetables.

All in all: apples are great foods to avoid high cholesterol, so start eating…

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